5D111 over 1D1V Benefit

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Re: 5D111 over 1D1V Benefit

For studio work, you will not be using high ISO so either camera will be fine. Also you mention you shoot sports so maybe keeping the 1D is not bad.

I do some studio work and also do wedding work where lowlight focusing is key. In the latter scenario, the 5DIII smokes my 1DIV...my opinion is it is a significant difference.

I only mention that bc you talked about low light focusing.

I traded a 1DIV for a 5DIII and cannot be happier (though I don't shoot sports or birds and am not sure which is better for that...though you would think the crop factor would be a plus to keep the 1D).


Mark7 wrote:

Just looking for a simple clear answer from users of both systems. I use the 1DV mostly for sport and general stuff. I would like to venture into studio work. Will my overall experience of studio work be better with the 5D111 over the 1D1v. Will image quality be a bit better and will foccusing be better in low light.

I am in a position to have both cams but just woder if the outlay will improve my overall experience.
I would love to hear your experiences before I empty the wallet... or not.

Thanks in advance,


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