Do optical WB filters improve RAW color latititude?

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Re: Do optical WB filters improve RAW color latititude?

Vitruvius wrote:

Yes, yes, and yes. I understand all this... Filters reduce incoming light in specific color channels. Makes total sense, since that is the point of a color filter.

This question really is about getting the exposure as close as possible PER COLOR CHANNEL during exposure.

Your reply suggests to me that you did not read or comprehend my post. I discussed the total amount of light and the relative of amount of light hitting each color channel.

Repeating myself:

1. Having different exposure in different color channels can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. It depends on if you want a (narrower) DR window of good color precision, or a wider DR window of lesser color precision. The former suggests color filter balancing, while the latter suggests color filter de-balancing (!).

2. Digital matrixing of sensor channels is simple, inexpensive and gives fast feedback. Physical filters allows for spectral modifications that cannot be done in Photoshop.

3. Capture exposure cannot be completely decoupled from rendering exposure. If the blue channel is 6 stops lower than the green one, and you want it rendered like that as well, you might not be able to see that the effective DR of the blue channel is very low. Capturing the most possible information from a scene seems like a good thing, but there are limits to what I am willing to do to capture information that I am fairly certain that I will never utilize.

4. In practical terms, I'd suggest that if you have to ask, chances are that you will improve your images more by spending energy on other things.


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