Thinking of Swapping to Canon from Nikon

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Re: Thinking of Swapping to Canon from Nikon

Picturenaut wrote:

ukat123 wrote:

For landscape, 5DIII is ridiculous in terms of quality compared to a D800E, unless you only output small for web publishing. Anyway, bad DR and banding. Rubbish for landscape. Even if you print small, D800E is still way better. It holds a lot more detail and you have a lot more to play with in photoshop.

I'm a bit late with my reply (too much work), but this statement does not reflect reality. I shot a lot of landscape recently in Skandinavia with my 5D3 and wheras a Nikon D800E of course would deliver more detail and a bit more DR, the 5D3 does a decend job. Thats pretty the same story as with the Nikons: if you want to get the optimum out of this camera, you finally need to do PP. Banding just comes from the more agressively working standard NR settings, but who really uses the standard settings of such a camera? I e.g. switch off NR completely in most cases... And I do NOT use ISO 6400 for landscapes, no no, I prefer then a tripod if necessary ;-).

Let's not forget: there were so many nice landscape shots reprented in glossy magazins that were done with 12 MP D700 or 5D Mark I. So you can surely do good landscape shooting with a 22 MP 5D3 as well. Its DR is good enough, printing reduces that anyways massively.

If you really want many Megapixels + the better AF system of Canon you may wait until autumn. Rumors expect a new EOS 3D with a 40 MP sensor and the AF system of 1 DX/ 5D3 coming soon

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Agree completely, where is the 'Like' button?? You don't NEED a 36MP body to shoot landscape. If you're going to pixel peep an A0 or banner print at 3 feet away you're missing the point entirely. Do you print / display your photos?

Borrow / Rent the bodies you're thinking of getting, take them out and field test, make your decisions based on your observations.

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