Comfortable, low key hand strap for the OM-D

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Re: Comfortable, low key hand strap for the OM-D

bobby_t1 wrote:

The cord looks super thin that connects to the camera. Are they using kevlar or something strong? I'd be worried about dropping the camera and that thin thing snapping.

Not sure what the material is, and I was slightly concerned, at first, too. But

  • I think Leica has a pretty good reputation in regards to the quality of materials they use

  • This strap has been available for around 3 years - I doubt they'd continue selling it if it broke often

  • I don't dangle the camera from the strap often

  • I inspect the thin part for signs of fatigue regularly, and have yet to notice any

  • The X1 is 30% lighter than the OMD, so not HUGELY lighter

Again, the camera is normally in my hand, and the strap is just there as a backup in case it slips out of my hand. I've been using this strap for about 2 months, and haven't seen any signs of fatigue or wear on the thin part, but I do keep a close eye on it.

Edit: It looks like you can use a metal ring in place of the thin cord, if you prefer. I may give that a shot on mine. Definitely will if I ever notice any signs of fatigue:

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