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Re: XZ-1 Tips online

Yes -- its in the Tips file --

"You know that you can press the shutter button halfway-down to do a focus-AND-exposure lock on the spot target. This works for almost every situation.

"But here's a little-known feature: locking focus WITHOUT locking exposure.

"Both SCN > Underwater settings also let you lock focus... point the center of the screen at the subject, and press the Down arrow. It will beep and say 'AF Lock' under the green rectangle. Now, you can move the camera around and point it at something else, and the exposure will change with the new subject while the focus lock stays at the distance to the first subject. Interesting!

"In practice, on vacation, forget this one. Too tricky. Just keep it on Program and you'll come back with wonderful pictures!"
Jonathon Donahue -- Olympus XZ-1 tips at http://jon404.com/xz1tips.htm

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