Sold all my Nikon gear...

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Re: Good move. I'm holding off selling my Sony/Minolta gear.

If you've sold all your DSLR gear and is not missing it at all, then you never needed it in the first place. For such people OM-D is an excellent choice.

I'm still holding onto my D700 and FX lenses even though I have a M43 camera too.

A 35mm F2 prime on a D700 is not that heavy and produces images tha are just very difficult to get with M43.

For example, 35mm f2.8 on full frame is eqivalent to the voigtlander 17.5, but the Voigtlander is much heavier,bigger, and more expensive its full frame counterpart. It defeats the purpose and advantage of M43 then.. oh and it's manual focus too.

I'm using the 35mm as an example because it is wide enough on full frame to tell a story, and yet provides narrow DOF for subject isolation. On M43, wide and subject isolation don't go together too well. I'm not talking about macro flower shots, even a P&S can separate the subject at those close distances.

I use each system to it's advantages. To write either system off completely would be foolish for me.

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