CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Dave vs Nikon

Here are two samples of different interpolation technics. Both fragments are 200% scaled

First is the fragment of JPG from the camera without any adjustments made:

Second is produced from corresponding RAW (same shot) using Dave Coffin's converter ("Interpolation using a Threshold-based variable number of gradients") with some curves and sharpness applied in Photoshop:

As you can see Dave's algorythm of interpolation prouces less jaggies and I can also see more details in the image, such as the line near the stars is actually a double line on the subject and I can see a hint of this in Dave's image when in Nikon's it looks as a single line. So it is much harder to adjust proper color balance in RAW file, I think there is a need of some preprepared profiles for this.


DocW wrote:

I am anxious to try this out, but I am at work. Anyone got any
examples ? I am curious if blown highlights could be a thing of
the past. How fast does the camera write the RAW files to the
flash card ?


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