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Re: Know the game and the tendencies of the teams you are covering.

UCLAXTC wrote:

I don't have a 1DX, but I do have a 1DMKIV, so I'll leave the camera specific answers to those that have a 1DX. But I will say this, regardless of the camera you are using, you will get better keepers if you know the sport you are shooting and the play calling tendencies of the teams because you will be better able to anticipate where the decisive action will be and where to position yourself to get "the shot".

This may be an obvious answer, but I guarantee you that a good photographer with a great camera will get a crap shot (or luck into a good one) if they do not know anything about the sport they are covering. So I'd say a good football photographer knows a little about the game and more than a little about the teams they are covering...so you wouldn't position yourself in the same area if you are covering a wishbone team, for example, than a team that uses a spread offense. The decisive action will be in different places, by design.

Just my too cents.

if you are really lucky the QB will stare right at the receiver he intends to throw it too
makes for nice sports photography
also makes for some bad losses though for the home team

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