28-135 IS vs 24-105L help

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Re: 28-135 IS vs 24-105L help

alecto25 wrote:

I've only recently had experience with point and shoots and they are never wide enough or long enough for me. I know I like to take wide angle shots and I like trying to blur the background which is quite a pain on a P&S. And I love animals and taking really close pictures of them. the San Diego zoo is like a crack habit. i took a photography class back in high school with B & W film and a dark room so i'm expecting that to all come back to me. of course that was full frame and different post

What you guys say about the 15-85 makes sense. it is wider than what i am used to so maybe just get that one and if i still want more i can always go for a ultra wide later. I saw a forum with pics from that lens and a lot of them were just amazing. i was hesitant about crop only lens but have read only good things about this since you mentioned it.

So now I'm thinking just the 15-85 IS with the 70-300L to get the close ups on the animals. I hope i'm not missing out on fast glass with these lenses. My dad has some old fast primes from his old film camera that I'm hoping will fit. I think he has a 50 and an 85 of f1.8 or maybe 2.8. Not sure what they are so hopefully they are new enough to work w/ dslr.

if they were from an EOS film camera they will fit and work fine, in fact they would be the exact same lenses still sold today, if they were from way back FD era then nope just forget them won't work at all

if they are FD then maybe you can pick up a 50mm 1.8 in addition?
or you could try a tamron 17-50 2.8 to at least get 2.8 speed perhaps

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