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Shortcomings mostly subjective not objective

Loved your thread title!

Enjoyed the review too, especially the TARDIS reference!

Reading the full review, I think the fact that the shortcomings described seem mainly in subjective factors (and Richard himself reiterates the subjective component in this thread) and not in objective measures of performance (in which the RX100 surpasses its peers pretty much across the board) speaks volumes about this camera.

Having used mine extensively for a month I find that I agree with some criticisms (eg. lack of rear dial customization), disagree with others (eg. clickless front dial really works for me!), and find most inconsequential (eg. in-camera RAW conversion). Hey, everyone has their opinion. In my opinion, in terms of the big picture of what Sony has achieved in the RX100, the camera deserves a Gold Award. But I can see how getting into the details can cause opinions to diverge especially in subjective factors. Also, some of the glowing reviews out there have been a bit over the top. It's the best little camera I have used but I agree there's still room for improvement!

Bottom line for me is that although the RX100 won't replace my DSLR, for the first time in digital camera times it gives me the confidence that the little camera in my pocket will be adequate for almost any situation. That is exciting.

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