We wuz robbed !!!!!

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Richard has to save face. A man with 1,000 cameras is a pro, cannot maneuver

A man with access to 1,000 cameras, access to 100% of his time devoted to evaluating cameras cannot surrender himself to say this is it.

This is because the other 999 cameras are good. Its just that finally Sony put some of that power in the pocket.

For the casual photographer, the traveller, the hobbyist, this is the Diamond camera. I traded 30 cameras for the RX100 and I am happy.

But for the pro, who is lugging 20 pounds of camera equipment (or 50 lbs) in a wheeled cart, packaging competence into an 8 ounce pocket friendly camera is just not important.

So really dpreview is a large camera website. It almost needs a dcompactpreview. The forums do that separating job nicely. But the reviews are for all, and the Nikon owners with 25 lenses cannot see anything with a lens less than 3lbs as an Army man in the tank command sees anything less than 5 tons as a light vehicle.

The uses of a 5 lb Nikon DSLR with its 2.8 zoom are different.

So a silver grade is good considering the different focus of the website.

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