MBPPro 8 to 16Gb ram increase, worth it for aperture and D800

Started Aug 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
PDidd117w3n7y Regular Member • Posts: 432
I just did what you are thinking of doing aka more RAM

i just upgraded to 16GB and a 240 SSD the SSD increased load speeds to new heights 17-18sec start up, 3000 image library (recent wedding) aka Aperture starts in 1s.

But to the issue at hand.. I had 8GB in my 17in and I would use it up and start paging out after an hour or so of editing. I edited for two straight hours tonight and still had 6GB free. went up to 13 when i closed Aperture. 16GB kept the system feeling snappy and edits with no delay or Pin Wheel of Death. You will love it. Then upgrade to SSD when u can... I bought a 240GB OWC SSD plus the data doubler as a bundle so I could put my original HD in the optical bay... I should have done all this over a year ago!
Patrick D.


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