Nikon V1 vs. Sony RX100 ...thoughts and sample photos

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Re: Nikon V1 vs. Sony RX100 ...thoughts and sample photos

Michael Klein wrote:

First off, the Nikon V1 is three times the size of the Sony RX100 so obviously it weighs alot more...and cant comfortably fit into a pocket like the RX100.

...but my biggest gripe with the camera is the lack of the EVF. In bright light its almost impossible to see the screen and what your trying to compose...that takes away alot of the fun in using a camera in my opinion. Since the Nikon V1 has this, it makes for much more enjoyable picture taking

...also, the Nikon V1 feels more responsive and it feels more solid...the Sony feels like a cheap P&S camera which of course its not.

The Nikon 1 equivalent of the RX100 would be the J1 rather than the V1. Not least, the V1 is magnesium alloy while the J1 and the RX100 are both aluminium alloy.

The J1 is near exactly the same size as the RX100. Even the same shape as well. And also neither the J1 or RX100 have a hotshoe, EVF etc etc so they are near identical for comparison purposes regarding size/handling.

You could separate them by the lenses required by their format. You can't build a retractable zoom when using a mount, it can only be done built-in. Inversely, you can't swap lenses on a fixed-lens camera. So call that a score-draw.

So basically the difference is really just the extra megapixels, and maybe the slightly faster aperture wide open on the RX100. But then there's the faster AF and more focus points on the N1. So call that another score-draw maybe.

I know all this about the J1 without owning one simply because the irony of having the RX100 has me looking at the Nikon 1 now. I previously dismissed it based on Nikon's strategy to position the 1" sensor against the APSC mirrorless systems where it looks tiny . Sony on the other hand positioned the 1" sensor against the 1/1.7" enthusiast compacts where it looks huge . Amazing how exactly the same size sensor and its results can be perceived so differently depending on what it's put next to..

So rather than losing out, maybe Nikon's 1 system sales will actually even improve now with the help of the RX100 opening peoples' eyes to how good the 1" sensor is. It's the 1/1.7" sensor cameras which will get pummeled, eg the P7700 really needed to be 1" as well.

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