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The review is fine: Tardy, kind of loses the main point, accurate

The review is fine:

My review of the review:

1. Tardy--way later than many other sites so it added little to the overall info on the web. I bought my RX already and if I had not and read this review along w/ the others I saw I'd still buy it.

2. Kind of loses the main point-- Is there a better pocket camera? Easy to answer right now: nothing even close. This is the key for most of the buyers--if we wanted a camera bigger than a pocket camera (and most of us already have a bigger camera) then there are tons of great choices--mirrorless, DSLTs, DSLRs

Comparing against the G1x in the review only shows just how strong the RX100 is.

I see the points of many posters that state if its the best of a form factor, shouldn't be gold? I see the point of DPR stating they didn't love it enough. Still you have to wonder what camera they'd stick in their pocket over this? Their IPhone?

3. Accurate-- I don't take issue with any of the measurements and tests. I do think the site should focus more on print output. This normalizes the sensor MP size--this shows where a smaller MP sensor and a larger MP sensor of the same footprint have sweet spots. Even the studio tests would be better if there was a option to normalize the images sizes.

I think that DPR showed some appreciation for Sony pushing the envelope and we all benefit from this--in a few years when I can justify replacing my RX100 (which replaced my S90) I don't care which brand makes the best pocket camera--I'll just buy it.

One thing DPR can help consumers with is to deduct points from companies that don't upgrade feature sets. For example, Canon is stale IMO: Crappy HDR, crappy panorama, crappy autofocus times, video behind the pack--these are features that every camera shoud have as of now. If you think I'm a Canon hater--I'm not. I own 3 Canon cameras and two high end Canon printers--I'm pointing them out since I know what they make along w/ Sony and Sony is making it better for everyone by pushing he envelope along w/ a couple other camera companies (I also own an A-55 that in a year or so will probably be upgraded, in this case problably by a Sony since I have multiple lenses and flashes but this is NOT a guarantee for Sony).

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