TG-1 is a sales failure

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Re: TG-1 is a sales failure

Kawika Nui wrote:

Yes, Geoff, I did read the reviews. Apparently more closely than you did.

"At its lowest ISO settings, the TG-1 seems to drift between over-sharpened or soft and smeary when photos are viewed at 100 percent. And really it continues that all the way up to ISO 800; above that things just gets soft and noisy.... Video quality is...basically like the video from a pocket video camera or higher-end smartphone." Joshua Goldman, 6/15/12
Ringing endorsement, that.

"No manual focus, no priority or manual exposure modes. This is…off-putting to some photography enthusiasts who are drawn in by the f/2 lens and excited by the prospect of a more "serious" tough cam. This is not that camera.”… "We ran into glitchy performance with the TG-1, and it even crashed on us a few times. It typically occurred while we were switching between shooting mode and playback mode. The image on the LCD would hang for at least a few seconds, sometimes completely locking up the camera." Liam McCabe, 6/25/12
Hmm, doesn't sound too enthused.

I know it's tough to spend all that money on something that really doesn't deliver, but you can't hit a home run every time.

I read what is necessary in reviews to get info that's important to me, for my buying purpose. And what I posted came from the same reviews.

For many of us the TG-1 does deliver, because we're happy with the way it performs for us. I've never experienced the problems that McCabe listed, or for that matter, others have had, even after having it drop 5.5 feet to and bounce on a concrete sidewalk. And, frankly, I don't care about it not having all the features that one would find and want in an enthusiast's camera. I have other cameras for that. Are there things I would like to see different about the camera? Sure.

RE your last comment, why do you assume that $369 is a lot of money to me?

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