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Re: The readership and the reviewers are very out of synch !

Silver or Gold.

What do these terms mean separately and together.

You could say the RX100 takes great photos and is pocket sized but has drawbacks.
So call it no more than Silver, its a judgement call.

However, a new STANDARD has been created.

Just look at all the rave posts in this forum from experts and non experts alike who not only take pride in their photos, but talk like enthusiastic kids and carry it constantly.
What camera out there can make that claim?

Combine technical judgement AND consumer reaction when deciding what is and what is not Gold or Silver.
Why IGNORE what is an instant and monumental success?

If there is another camera out there right now that is better and more popular, then name it and give IT a Gold rating.

Dpreview has a case of judgemental myopia.
It made an honest call but a bad one.

It fails to recognize that a new standard has been created that all other manufacturers must now react to.

The first telephone, the Model T were not perfect and were eventually surpassed, but their excellence and uniqueness made them historic and led to even better successors.

That made them the Gold standard of their day and this camera deserves no less.

If there is to be a Camera Of The Year, this site can make amends.

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