FZ200 F2.8 600mm ISO400 100% crop

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Re: Setting the record straight.

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

Thanks for the useful and informative post.

After reading it I did some research since I have the Enfuse plugin installed in Lightroom 4 that does image stacking.

My research leaned towards having different focal points for the different images. Based on my limited knowledge on the subject that seems to imply different aperture settings or at least re-focussing. I don't see how to do that with a 12x burst mode.

I'd like to do all I can with post processing to overcome the limitations of my FZ150 so I can have a comfortable amount of gear to hike with and still get good pictures.

Does stacking 12 essentially identical photos produce the improved results to which you allude?


I haven't used stacking procedures for ages. The reason it came to my attention and seemed a desirable feature to have, when it was first introduced into CS3 Extended as I recall, was as a result of my frustration when trying to take photos of the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, back in 2005, with hundreds of tourist continually walking in front of me.

One of the options in the new stacking feature was to remove unwanted objects (or in the case of unwanted people, subjects, not to appear rude). The concept is, one sets up one's camera on a tripod with remote cord attached, then every few seconds one takes a shot over a certain period of time, hoping that during that period of time no-one in front of the camera has remained stationary.

After loading the individual images into a stack, each image being slightly different in the sense that someone has moved, one converts all layers to a Smart Object, then one chooses "Median" for removing objects (as opposed to "Mean" for noise reduction).

The program will then remove all objects that differ between one image and the next. If the only thing that hasn't moved is the background temple one is trying to photograph, then that's all that remains in the final image.

The program has an auto-align function, so I believe it would be possible without a tripod to stack 12 wide-angle shots taken in burst mode, using OIS and holding the camera really steady by leaning against a tree, or whatever. I would then expect an FZ200 image at base ISO to have the low noise of a DSLR.

Sorry I can't be more specific at this stage. I think I'll start experimenting again with this stacking feature in preparation for the FZ200 which I think I'll probably get. However, I'm more interested in the telephoto possibilities of the FZ200 with its fast apertures. For wide-angle shots I'll probably use my D800E most of the time. If Nikon were to produce an upgraded 80-400 with VRII and a tack-sharp F5.6 at 400mm, I'd probably buy it in preference to an FZ200.

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