So, no X200 coming!? What do you think?

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Re: So, no X200 coming!? What do you think?

miniTO wrote:

I hope your right but the existence of the x-mount changes the playing field since the X100 was introduced in 2010... At that time Fuji had no lens lineup so a fixed lens was the quickest way to put a camera to market. Now my money is on Fuji supporting that mount with its APS-C sized cameras.

I like the X100, but I just can't see where it fits anymore... I also love the leaf shutter and I think its great but why would Fuji not support the X-Mount their committed to?

But this is like saying Fuji shouldn't be producing cameras such as the X10 and XP1 because they don't support the X-mount. The X100 serves a different purpose and is a different type of camera. It's much smaller and much more discreet. The leaf shutter is also a huge plus and you really can't beat having high speed sync. Who knows what Fuji has in mind, but discontinuing the X100 line would be very very sad and disappoint a lot of people. It's a great seller for a reason.

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