Do optical WB filters improve RAW color latititude?

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Vitruvius wrote:

Yes, yes, and yes. I understand all this... Filters reduce incoming light in specific color channels. Makes total sense, since that is the point of a color filter.

But the point is that you are also reducing the amount of light recorded in specific channels and/or boosting the amount of light in other channels post exposure in Photoshop to achieve the SAME result. Once the exposure is taken there is a limit to the DR of each color channel. The further off your white balance was during exposure the more you will need to Push or Subdue the (limited) amount of light in each channel.

So wouldn't it be better to optically correct for WB during exposure and increase the general exposure time a bit. That way the WB is closer to what you want PP.

No, as pointed out in examples here. The best you can hope for is an equal outcome vs PP. In most cases though, the better final product is achieved digitally.

Everyone knows that you need to get your general exposure as close as possible during exposure because you can't get 'blood from a rock' later. This question really is about getting the exposure as close as possible PER COLOR CHANNEL during exposure.

Using color effect filters just doesn't help in that regard vs other modern methods.

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