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Richard Butler
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Re: I think we have a "Class" classification problem here.

Tom Hoots wrote:

Richard Butler wrote:

Yes it's the best in class that we've tested (there's still the LX7 and, if Samsung ever lends us one, the EXF2), but it's just not quite got enough of a 'wow' factor to push it into Gold territory.

Excuse me?? So, a sensor twice the size or larger has NOTHING to with your "class" classification here?

It does, but the border is a little fuzzy on that one. Put a brighter lens in front of a smaller sensor and some of that large sensor benefit is lost, since you end up with the same light gathering ability.

For example the LX7's F2.3 lens is over two stops brighter at the 90mm equiv end than the RX100's, more than making up for the sensor size difference ( assuming the sensors are of equal quality, which they may not be). I'm not saying the LX7 will be better, and I'd certainly expect the RX100 to beat it in some respects, but the gulf may not be as wide as you suggest.

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