Sony RX100: Image Quality Using Clear Image Zoom

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Re: Sony RX100 Pixel Size and Noise

Robsphoto wrote:

jonrobertp wrote:

"no doubt" ??? lots of doubt, and little evidence.

Note the statement by Sony below that:

" It’s true that increasing pixel count increases noise"

If he's talking about noise at pixel level, of course that is true.

But the division that designs and makes these sensors says there is no visual downside at an image level, even for pixels a multitude smaller:

And the proof is as always in the pudding. The V1/J1 have sensors with the best efficiency to date, equal to that of the D3S and D4 per unit area.

Yet the RX100 seems to rival it in terms of overall noise (and lower read noise for better DR at low ISO).

RX100 @ ISO 3200, Lightroom default conversion, 100% crop:

J1 @ ISO 3200, Lightroom default conversion:

No luminance NR applied. So you have to believe the RX100 sensor would have been that much better per unit area, than even a D4, with pixels a multitude smaller still, had the pixel count been say 16 or even 10MP. I certainly don't believe that.

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