LR 4.2 raw at last.. amazing detail

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Re: Lens Correction & some ACR results observations

I agree completely.

If you open a 10.4mm RX100 Raw file in Raw Therapee (which uses DCRAW), you will see the barrel distortion--you can't miss it.

There are many advantages to using Raw (DR, WB correction, turning off NR and using a 3rd-party NR program, etc.).

So far I've only looked at base ISO conversion compared to the OOC JPEGs. With some cameras you get a good increase in resolution, but with this Release Candidate ACR (or LR), there is only a slight increase, IMHO. So either Sony's JPEG engine is doing a great job at base ISO or Adobe could do better with their conversion. It's still a Beta version.

DPreview's review showed some of the same thing:

And Raw Therapee got cleaner results on high-contrast targets.

If the OOC JPEGs at low ISOs are doing such a good job, and with the option to use DRO or HDR, there may be less need to use Raw with this camera than some others. But this is only after a day since the Beta ACR has been released.


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