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Re: Setting the record straight.

VincentR wrote:

I might be getting a bit technical here, and out of my depth, but I understand that 'photonic shot noise' is a much greater source of noise with small sensors because, for any given scene, the smaller sensor is exposed to a smaller amount of total light, at the same ISO setting of course. The amount of shot noise, on average, is given by the square root of the number of photons the sensor is exposed to.The image stacking process in Photoshop will select the best exposed pixel from each image.

I don't have much reason to use this feature with my DSLRs, but I recall experimenting with it some years ago with my Canon 5D and found that the resulting image from several stacked images taken at ISO 1600 had about the same quality, in terms of noise and resolution, as a single shot taken at ISO 400 with 2 stops greater exposure, and if not quite as good as the ISO 400 shot, certainly better than an ISO 800 shot with one stop greater exposure.

I recall I was stacking 5 or 6 images. Stacking 12 images should produce an even better result, if the scene is static and camera is on tripod.

Thanks for the useful and informative post.

After reading it I did some research since I have the Enfuse plugin installed in Lightroom 4 that does image stacking.

My research leaned towards having different focal points for the different images. Based on my limited knowledge on the subject that seems to imply different aperture settings or at least re-focussing. I don't see how to do that with a 12x burst mode.

I'd like to do all I can with post processing to overcome the limitations of my FZ150 so I can have a comfortable amount of gear to hike with and still get good pictures.

Does stacking 12 essentially identical photos produce the improved results to which you allude?

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