28-135 IS vs 24-105L help

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Re: 28-135 IS vs 24-105L help

AC1 wrote:

You're new to it.

This tells me that it's a mistake to try to work out ahead of time exactly what lenses you might need for when. There is a good chance your guess will be wrong because your habits and preferences will develop with experience, resulting in some less than ideal lens choices.

This ain't a big deal if you have tons of cash to throw at the problem. But if you want to box clever, you'd be better buying a smaller number of the best & most flexible general lenses before specialising too much.

If I were you, in practical terms instead of buying 10-22 + 24-105, I'd be tempted to buy just the 15-85. That will give you enough of a taste of photographing at each end of that range to work out what lens should be next.

For the 7D (crop), the 15-85 is one of the best general lenses in terms of reach. IQ is also pretty damn good and it's debatable whether the 24-105L would give you noticeably better IQ on a 7D.

If you are still dead set on a long lens, then adding the 70-300 to a 15-85 would give you a clever combination of IQ, reach and flexibility in just 2 lenses.

yeah i'd definitely agree, unless the OP 100% truly knows what he wants and exactly why he wants it (not just something someone said or some article said you need this or that, but truly knows what the different focal lengths look like on APS-C and how comfortable he would be swapping lenses to hit certain focal lengths the 15-85 sounds like a safer start, but then again maybe he has seen tons of ultra wide shots ith aps-c and loves them etc but even still a 15-85 or such might work better for him than a longer 24/28-whatever even a quick test with a 18-55 IS might give a sense)

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