Nikon 18-300 Focus/Sharpness/Settings?

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Re: ATTN: Mako2011 & Sagittarius / and Thanks again to you all!!!

Edmund17 wrote:

Mako, you are right twice, because the trick with this lens seems not going under 1/250s, and as you say before it will be better to win the Lotto and purchase professional and super-expensive lenses

Here are 4 pictures shot at 1/400s, Tripod, and NO VR (and I hope I’ll get similar results when conditions allow me to shoot outside at 1/250 or less?).

Although there is noise (I’m shooting interior with poor lighting) the focus/sharpness is really good when considering they are at full 300mm.

A surprise for me is that the shot # 3 seems the best and it was taken with AFA-3D , a Focus Mode that I never used before and I don’t know yet what Focus Mode will be the one for me…

The shots are=
1= 400/F 6 AFC-D9
2= 400/F 5,6 AFS-S
3= 400/F 5,6 AFA-3D
4= 400/F 5,6 AFC-D9 Live-View

I did not know that the mirror slap effect could be so noticeable.

I’ll stick to Speed Mode when shooting birds, so you are sure I should NOT use VR above 250?

Thanks again to you all….. I’ll let you know.

Much bette

No, use VR all the time unless on a tripod. Experiment with it. Also, Try shots hand held and see How slow you can get with shutter speed with VR on. Holding very steady helps and takes practice.

Also, experiment with the AF-Area modes. Each has a time when it works best.

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