Missing light in most situation, what's the better solution ? EV -4 iso 250

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Re: Missing light in most situation, what's the better solution ? EV -4 iso 250

Mammouth wrote:

Im new to macrophotography,

i purchased a used sigma macro 150 2.8 (not stabilized) 2 week's ago that im using with a speedlite 430 EX II and bounce on a canon 7D.

I prefer to shot macro insect handheld because they could fly away before i unfold the tripod.So for biggest part of my insect shot i start with a shutterspeed of + - 1/500 (insect move, and not stabilized lenses).

Most of my shot are in a dense forest in low light situation.
In pretty 50% of my shot, F16 at 1/500 iso 250 will result in EV -4.
So to compensate i use flash in high speed with a power of 1/1.

But EV -4 result in high noise. I could increase iso to 1000 but noise problem will pretty be the same.

As gardenersassistant has said, you don't need to be using a shutter speed faster than the maximum sync speed of your camera. I'm not clear how you're using your 430 EX flash - you mention "bounce". A better way of using it is to use a bracket and off-camera cord to mount the flash head close to the end of the lens and use a diffuser to even the illumination. Running the flash in HSS (High Speed Sync) mode is very inefficient and not necessary for most macro work.

When shooting macros with this sort of setup on a 50D I use Manual exposure with the flash set to ETTL. Normal settings are ISO 100, 1/250th at between f11 and f16, and adjust exposure with FEC (Flash Exposure Compensation) on the camera.

By moving the flash closer to the subject, you reduce it's required power output, which reduces the effective exposure time (flash duration) to shorter than 1/1000th.

Does a MT-24EX Twin Lite really worth the money, will it reduce EV or iso by 2,3x...?

An MT-24EX is a very flexible and convenient flash solution for macro work, but I don't think it produces significantly better lighting than an off-camera, diffused standard flashgun.

Have a look through this guide by "LordV" (Brian Valentine), it's got some pictures of the kind of setup I'm talking about and some stunning examples of what you can achieve with it :

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