We wuz robbed !!!!!

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Re: We wuz robbed !!!!!

Dan Vincent wrote:


Normally, I don't really reply to reviews, but if the RX100, which is a camera that basically sends the other companies back to the drawing board for small bodied compacts doesn't get a Gold (in terms of the amount of features, performance, build quality, and image quality in a size a few sixteenths thicker than the S100), then I'm not sure what does. I agree with most of the negatives (shutter speed primarily, the bundling of all the audio signals, some customizability things), and that it's not perfect, but it's the best of a crowded and sometimes bad lot. The buffering and autofocus performance alone are selling points.

Plus, there are benefits to USB charging, in that it means one less charger to have to carry around (which you rightly mention). You could also charge it from a computer in a pinch. Even then, the Sony battery charger will be here soon, and there are existing chargers that can charge the battery, rendering the problem moot for those that need it. The USB charging pluses are probably more beneficial to people than the occasional need to keep shooting while charging a battery. Even then, if you drained both batteries (as I often do), you still have to wait for both to charge up anyway, unless you bought multiple chargers. I certainly can't charge a battery on the run unless I carried a power pack, and you could certainly plug that power pack right into the camera. At first, I was skeptical on the USB charging, but after being on vacation with it, I've become a believer.

Also, you can assign AEL, Focus Magnifier, and AF/MF toggle to the east/west cardinals of the four-way, not just the center button, which is a nice way of having both exposure lock and being able to leave the center button for Flexi-spot or focus tracking. Your critique of the center button makes it seem like an either-or proposition when it really isn't. I have my RX100 set up this way and leave things like Drive Mode and Flash settings to the Fn menu. A minor nit: the south cardinal (down, which is EV Comp) can't be reassigned, at least, not that I've seen.

If the size of the RX100 isn't valued, then I agree that the value proposition of the camera goes down considerably. But after being heckled for having my bigger cameras for so long, it's refreshing to have a stealth machine that won't make me regret leaving my a700/17-50 combo at home.

I agree with pretty much all of your points - and there are a lot of reasons to really like the RX100. And yes, I hope others will try to follow Sony down the 'larger sensor, tiny body' path.

However, I just never quite fell in love with the camera. I've spent several weeks trying to assess and describe many of the benefits you mention here, so I feel I know the camera's strengths pretty well. It's just not a camera that I'm going to resent giving back. It's not a camera that I'm going to fiercely hold onto until the moment it gets shipped back to the manufacturer.

It's a great camera and Sony deserves a great deal of credit for it. But I just couldn't engage with it enough to give it the Gold.

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