We wuz robbed !!!!!

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Richard Butler
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Re: We wuz robbed !!!!!

DFPanno wrote:


I don't really care but I can't mt head around a "best in class" camera getting the silver.

Gold to me.

It was a very close-run thing, with a long discussion in the office before the decision.

Yes it's the best in class that we've tested (there's still the LX7 and, if Samsung ever lends us one, the EXF2), but it's just not quite got enough of a 'wow' factor to push it into Gold territory.

If it's Gold to you, then I'm not going to disagree with you - it's a very good camera and it will rightly be enjoyed by a lot of people. For me, having shot for nearly two months with it, it just didn't feel special enough to quite get the Gold - and the awards are subjective.

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