Elinchrom Quadra Lithium Ion Battery Issue

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Re: Odd statement from the owner of Elinchrom

Kevin Hotorton wrote:

Although this is a couple of years old these comments about the Li-ion in Quadra's is interesting.


You're right, there were quite a few interesting comments about the Li-ion batteries in that interview.

In particular, the one about "looking after the loyal users who bought the Quadra system in the first place" and then the challenges of Li-ion batteries.

I had a very brief email exchange Mr Malcolm Whittle about this issue in which he said "No, you can't have a free upgrade" and "quality costs". I did suggest to him that maybe a discount on the battery maybe £20 off in return for the user having to pay £40 per head to make them work with the new battery might be acceptable. I also said I didn't see it as an upgrade to get a piece of kit to work with a new type of battery. As has been found out from Elinchrom's support there is no other benefit to the upgrade than making the heads work with the new battery. It doesn't even appear to extend the life of them, so you're paying them £40 per head to have the honour of paying them another £300 for a new battery and a new charger.

I got no reply to my suggestions, so I'll just keep the £530 I was going to spend on new batteries and a charger in my wallet and stop investing in Elinchrom kit with the view to maybe moving to another brand in the future. Hopefully if other people do the same they might learn how to treat their loyal customers better in the future.

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