RX1000 ARW files

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Re: RX1000 ARW files

rava777 wrote:

DavePlugh wrote:

Thank you for that link to an RX100 ARW file. I downloaded it,

So, here is what I did...

1. I downloaded from Adobe the (latest) DNG Converter V7.2 and installed it on my computer.

2. I started DNG Converter and selected Change Preferences.

3. In Preferences I changed Compatibility to "Camera Raw 6.6 and later".

4. I then told DNG Converter to convert the ARW file to DNG format.

5. I then opened up the DNG file in Adobe Camera Raw plugin under Photoshop CS5.



Just tried all that Dave, but DNG not viewing the ARW file (for CS5 as well)

Try selecting a earlier version of the raw converter when in the preference menu, at first it didn't work for me, but I selected 2.4 and later and Photoshop opened the converted DNG files.

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