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Re: I cut him some slack.

FtoDin5min wrote:

I have not seen your multiple tests. I only saw ranting, with the same things said over and over and some legal threats towards Nikon.

Well, I got tired of posting them. They are posted in multiple threads, and you can rest assured that multiple Nikon employees have received them directly.

As update, yesterday my camera was finally reviewed again in Melville, and so far they have not said whether or not they changed anything. It was declared "within standards" again, so we'll see if it's any better or not. If there is still a 20 point fine tune gap between the center and outer points and they subsequently refuse my demand for replacement upon demonstrating that then they will be forcing me to legal action of their own doing. They really make zero effort for positive customer relations. They make a decent effort to get repairs done quickly, but the customer receives basically no information or support on how the equipment should work. If they had a clue about customer relations they would have a photographer ombudsman who openly discussed usage issues and performance expectations, but they are too dense, paranoid, and proud to stoop to actually speaking with their customers. They only way they will speak with us is by feeding lines through their quasi-sponsored photogs such as Mautner and McNally who understand that they are never to say anything critical about Nikon if they want to maintain their exalted relationships. It's not a healthy customer relations policy to say the least.

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