Is there a need to upgrade?

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Re: Is there a need to upgrade?

The short answer is "NO".

Clients judge you by your work (the images you produce), not by the gear you use to create them.

Unless your gear is hindering you or your workflow in some way, there is not really a need to upgrade. Want and need are two separate things, and most gearheads are either unable or unwilling to see the difference. But a good photographer on the other hand, usually can. I would put you on the latter group based on what you have written. Most gearheads upgrade out of want, and most photographers upgrade out of need or convenience. If you are earning good money and an upgrade saves you time or work, then the payback is quick.

That's my 2 cents.

itsDing wrote:

Here we go! Photographers l know keep saying l should upgrade to FF or 7D. The picture is a sample of the type of work l do now, pretty picture for families. l have packages printed with the largest print being 12x16 inch. l am semi retired and do this work to keep an interest and suppliment my pension.

l have done all the commercial and fashion work years ago, this is all l want to do now. l have plenty of lenses and shoot with a 20D and a 40D. Lens used on this picture is a Canon EF 28-70 f3.5-4.5 l picked up on ebay for £25. Its good enough!

The question is how much better will my pictures look and more importantly will l earn more money if l upgrade?

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