d5100 af-on + af-c and focus issues

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Re: Wrong camera for your settings?

Mako2011 wrote:

can it be related with a3 settings (I believe it was set to off)

Menu a3 on the D5100 has no bearing in this case. It is not a range finder function.

or with af-c priority? it was set to release...(should it be set to focus??)

You could set it to focus but it would have made no difference as it was focused at the time, just not on what you wanted. Also, there is no AF-Area mode "9pt" with the D5100. Are you using settings meant for the D7000? If so, that can be causing problems. What do you have menu f2 set on?

Also.... go here http://www.dpreview.com/members/settings/profile

And under the "Privacy and Safety" tab check "Allow" under "Allow visitors to download full size original images from your gallery" That way we can download the pic to ViewNX2 and check the camera settings you used. That assumes you uploaded pics/files as they came from the camera vs any change in Photoshop or the like. Was this the pic just as it came from the camera or is it a crop?

Hi Mako, thx for your help.

Ive just checked allow" under "Allow visitors to download full size original images from your gallery...thx for your warning.

Yes it is a crop photo, the original was very big in size.

I have both d5100 and d7000...and this photo was taken with d5100 with af-c + dynamic af-area mode...
thx again

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