Canon 1Ds mkIII and the Dolomites in June 2012

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Re: Try D800

Press Correspondent wrote:

Not that I care to continue the argument, but you are still missing my point. With a more than 2-stop DR advantage, a single shot from D800 would have cleaner shadows than a Canon shot bracketed at +1 or even +2 stops. Your logic would apply only to bracketing +4 or possibly at least +3 stops, but per your explanation, you normally only bracket +1 stops. You could also bracket on D800 and it may provide arguably better results, but my point was that, if you are already happy with the results from bracketing Canon, then you would not need to bracket Nikon to get even better results.

I think you are missing my point I'm not interested in the D800 and I do not need the D800.

Also, high ISO always wins over pulling shadows, because of the read noise. Try shooting something at ISO 1600 with your 1Ds3, then use the same shutter speed and aperture at ISO 100 and pull it 4 stops in PP. The difference will be beyond dramatic. It is less so on D800, but still there.

I'm fully away of how this works, no need to further "educate" me on this I have btw. made such tests quite some time ago.

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