Remember the S3IS?

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Re: Remember the S3IS?

I do indeed. Here are some shots from a holiday on Christmas Island in December 2007. The island, which is the summit of a c.4500 metre submarine mountain, rises abruptly on the southern edge of the Java trench, and is home to numerous unique animals and plants. We took a grandson to see the annual migration of the red crabs, which leave their burrows in the tropical forest, climb down some 300 metres of cliff to spawn in the sea, then make their way back up the cliffs to wait out another year in their burrows.

About 2/3 of the island are National Park on the mostly limestone surface of the plateau, but the western "Dales" area has outcrops of the underlying basalt

Many of the interesting parts have been signposted and provided with raised walkways to avoid stepping in the crab holes which cover the forest floor.

It is easy to get lost in the forest

The red crabs are the most common attraction...

But larger Robber crabs and Blue crabs can be more dangerous.

But there is an abundance of other interesting flora and fauna

Our grandson was far more interested in the red crabs than watching soaring Frigate birds waiting to rob Boobys of their catches

Phosphate has been mined from some parts of the island for over a century, now an abandoned desolate landscape. It was thought it might make a suitable site for a space launching area - but that is an abandoned dream.

Although I still keep the S3IS as a standby, it has been replaced as a travel companion by a more pocketable Canon TX1.

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