GH3: the end of photography

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Re: GH3: the end of photography

You whine about irrelevancies really, really well.

James Pilcher wrote:

It's now reported that the upcoming GH3 will be fully integrated with social networks such as Facebook. Sh!t. Now we are being fed pointless video, anti-social "social networking," dreamy Cloud backup, and gee-whiz Android control. I can't wait to play Solitaire on my "camera." It's no longer photography. Some might argue that similar criticisms were made about auto exposure and auto focus. Wrong. Those advances were still about getting the image. All of this new sh!t has nothing to do with anything but our increasing electronic addiction. Of course you can disagree with me, but you will be wrong.

It's time to buy a Leica (I threw that in so the Leica-haters can participate in this thread).

Jim Pilcher
Summit County, Colorado, USA

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