Do optical WB filters improve RAW color latititude?

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Re: Do optical WB filters improve RAW color latititude?

Any filter will cause less light to hit the sensor (in a given time). If that is your main problem, filters does not seem to be the solution.

Any filter introduced increase the chance of loss of sharpness and glare.

A filter with a strong color cast will affect the relative amount of light that each sensor channel gets (within a given time). If you are close to the clipping point of your red channel, and the blue channel is seriously underexposed ("noisy"), a filter could "equalise" the channel exposure, letting you increase exposure time to get a better recording of blue without clipping red (or vice versa). On the other hand: highlight recovery can generate a decent image if only one channel is clipped, so uneven channel exposure could be exploited to capture more scene dynamic range.

Colored filters for visual effect seems largely replaced by Photoshop these days, but if you have very specific requirements (narrow peaks/dips, infrared/ultra-violet behaviour), physical filters can do things that cannot be done digitally (and vice versa).

I do not see the point of color filters for my kind of photography. I have enough stuff to worry about that seems more important (gelling any flashes, getting exposure right, finding interesting scenes...)


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