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Re: One other thing I tried today...

DigitalSparrow wrote:

I have no problem getting shock free (and blur free) shots with my other mirror lenses. It is just this new Tokina that is causing this issue. Unless the OM-D has a quiet and vibration-free shutter like the E-1, I don't know if the OM-D would be any better with this lens if what I am thinking is true. I know that the OM-D stabilization on the viewfinder would be welcomed, but perhaps the image output wouldn't be any different?

Well, I can only give feedback on comparing the OM-D with the E-PL1 which I have. I know the E-P3 has a much better IBIS than the E-PL1 but I guess it might be useful comparing them.

In my experience in shooting the OM-D and E-PL1 back to back, I can say the OM-D has roughly 2 to 3 full stops advantage. Even in the most conservative approximation it would be at least 1 full stop. Not only that but if you pixel peep the E-PL1 images, you'll see that the IBIS doesn't really give you pixel sharp images when it works. Whereas the OM-D, even if you go down to the level of a single pixel you would be hard pressed to see any difference between using IBIS and a tripod. The OM-D has a very accurate IBIS as well as being effective.

I know the E-P3 has a better IBIS than the E-PL1 but I wouldn't be surprised if the OM-D still provides a good advantage over it.

And regarding the stabilized live view, I use it on 150mm (300mm eqv.) and it just seems like magic the first time you see it. Of course you can easily manual focus your image in such a setting. However I don't use it on 500mm (1000mm eqv.) because the IBIS on the OM-D makes this freaky subtle grinding sound when I do. It might be absolutely normal and has no side effects but it scares the heck out of me and I intend to keep my OM-D for a very long time. So I don't think I want to risk anything.

And finally about the Shutter vibration. I don't know about others, but I personally feel that it's stronger in the OM-D than in the E-PL1 although it's more muted in sound. I can feel the shutter clunk and vibrate in the OM-D more so than in the E-PL1. It has no IQ implications that I can find though. Some others are more keen. But for me, the images look pixel sharp.

It might be worth while for you to try out the OM-D since you use a lot of long focal length mirror lenses and you can surely benefit from the excellent IBIS.

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