Nikon d200 firmware update problem - Please help!

Started Aug 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Nikon d200 firmware update problem - Please help!

TalkRadio wrote:

Perhaps copying the files to the CF card directly, one at a time, might have been safer. You would have elimated any kind of cable issue or software issue that may have happened on your PC.

I know that USB cables can fail because I had one fail in the middle of a GPS map update yesterday. It was the small end that seemed too loose. In this case, it was easily fixed by replacing the cable.

A firmware update may be as resilient in its operation as copying a file to a GPS is.

I normally copy files to CF card via a card reader, then do update from card. never had an issue.

This time, my Lexar card reader would not read my Calumet pro card. I used the cable to do transfer but left cable plugged into camera, but unplugged from the laptop. I bumped the cable which probably unplugged from the camera socket.

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