Lenovo Carbon X1 - could this be the best laptop for a working photographer

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Re: Lenovo Carbon X1 - could this be the best laptop for a working photographer

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Hi all,

This is doing my head in chosing a laptop for work. It seems like there is no perfect laptop at the moment for photographers. So I have to prioritise 1st (screen colour) - for art work shoots + tethered corporate work on location, 2) portability 3) power for LR4 and PS editting, also speed for download sometimes 2000-3000 raw files.

The X1 I can't find any details on % of sRGB or aRGB. Enthusuast Photographer have you tried to colour calibrate the x1, if yes , how was it? I researched HP Envy, some issues to colour calibration, Asus UX31A only 4 RAM and soldered onto motherboard! Samsung series 9 13.3inch 900x3c-a01 great display but 4RAM but 1600MHz- soldered - otherwise a possibility? MBP15 - feels weighty to me. X230 looks great spec but only 12.5 screen. I am leaning toward Sony Vaio Z3 - mainly because of the anti reflective 96% adobe. The 1920x1080 is probably too high for my eyes, so could lower the resolution to something similar to the x1. Screen is 13.1, a tad smaller than i would like. Lightweight enough to sneak in when carrying all my gear on the plane as hand luggage. Power seems enough juice and 8 RAM. If the Sony Z3 was 14inch! wow wow! MBP retina - has issues with LR and CS, also I need to Power Point stuff and Word/Excel stuff which has to be 100% compatible with client, so I guess Apple is out. MS said no updates for the office suits for retina.

I feel that every laptop company has bits and pieces to offer for the ultimate laptop, yet at the moment they don't exist in one laptop. Guess 2013 will be an exciting one for photographers.

Hi - sorry I lost track of this thread. I haven't tried to callibrate the screen. All I can tell you is I've been impressed by it - sharp and good colors.

For portability, there is nothing else out there at under 3lb with a 14" screen.

I do run LR and PS on this box, and it seem to run it fine. Generally I'd go i5/8GB over i7/4GB if you have to choose. I've seen rumors on forums that there will be an i7/8GB here in the US, but I can't confirm any of that. I don't run D800 files, so I'm not much help on performance.

As for speed of download, it has USB 3.0, and that makes a huge difference. It does have a card reader. I haven't actually used it - I have a USB 3.0 card reader and was so in the habit. I'll try to do a test at some point, but net is you have options.

It has a terrific (backlit) keyboard and the best trackpad I've ever used (including on Apple). For precision, I far prefer the TrackPoint (the little eraser thing). You get both. I have to say the trackpad is getting more and more use, which I never saw happening. Lots of the ultrabooks I've tested have pretty terrible keyboards...

Lastly, this thing is built like a tank! It passes the same durability tests all the other ThinkPads pass and has the same 8 milspec rating as they do. No other ultrabook currently passes any milspecs (which are US military ratings for dust, impact, humidity, high/low temperature, etc.). Go check out some of the consumer ultrabooks - open the lid and twist them in your hands (don't go crazy unless you want to pay for it though). The X1 Carbon is just...strong.

Anyway, I'll ask around about the screen callibration. My brother-in-law had a really serious accident over the weekend, and I've spent most of the last several days helping my sister out (and will be back there today), so it may be a few days before I can respond.

Ultimately, I'd be surprised if there is a better option in this weight-range (there are 3lb 13" and 3.6lb 14" out there) for durability, performance, comfort of daily use, etc. I do work for the company, but I try not to be blind to the competitors.

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