Hi-speed strobe dilemma..

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Re: Hi-speed strobe dilemma..

UKphotographers wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

So, if 'X' is 1/250th, then an exposure of 1/500th will still take 1/250th second to complete, it's just that any one part of the sensor will be uncovered for only 1/2 of the 1/250th traverse time, because the curtains of the shutter are only separated by half the sensor height.

I hope this isn't bad news, but I though I'd better mention it, since nobody else has done so.... [??]

Much worse than that actually. A 1/500th shutter takes nearer 1/125s to complete. A 1/8000s shutter takes nearer 1/250s. I pointed this out in the link I provided.

My estimations were idealised.... the least bad that they could be, theoretically.

I don't see anybody complaining that these sorts of shutter speeds (1/500s to 1/8000s) introduce any noticeable distortion, and the same applies when used with long duration flash. In these cases the flash isn't the mechanic which stops the action as they are acting like a pseudo continuous light source, the shutter is.

Certainly many forms of subject movement mask the distortion quite effectively, although I know golf swings photographed with the movement across the lens axis is NOT one of them...

... (focal plane distortion lead to sincere belief in the fallacy head that the club head "follows" the hands through the ball..... which it appears to do until you turn the camera up the other way... then the head "leads" the hands!)

Only an electronic shutter or a leaf shutter will provide better technical results but then you might suffer sensor blooming or a 'blooming' severely depleted wallet


Thing is, the OP never got 'round to telling us what function he wanted the pictures to perform....

... so it is quite hard to know which particular difficulties of the task are important, or which can be ignored.

"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

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