Which DSLRs have good panorama and HD video modes and an optical viewfinder?

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Re: Which DSLRs have good panorama and HD video modes and an optical viewfinder?

IKB wrote:

I'm trying to consolidate the number of bodies to one for trips where it isn't convenient to carry multiple cameras.

Based on your question, I am going to say "none"

People who want panorama mode generally will want fast AF in video.

The best high fancy video DSLRs are Canon and Nikon, but they assume you will want manual focus in video. Which is great if you are tracking a subject moving through a crowd or something similar which would fool auto-focus. It is also better for artistic control.. for example begin near focus slowly move focus forward to the speaker and then further to his audience. (Something I saw recently in a film).

These and similar fancy filming methods are all better suited to using manual video. This is why with rare exception professionals use manual focus video.

People who are not intimidated by manual video will not be bothered by using panorama stiching software to get a panorama, particularly when the results are better than in camera stuff. It just requires a little more work.

If you want convenience of panorama mode, you certainly want the convenience of fast AF in video. The best video DSLR for casual use is the Panasonic GH2. The Sony a57 is also ok but has some limitations on audio quality (which you can work around). Both of these have electronic viewfinders. The a57 has a panorama mode you want too. I have not tried it but it is described as very easy to use.

Optical viewfinder cameras are not on that list. The Nikon d7000 and Canon 7d are both top shelf cameras. I prefer Nikon due to better low light performance. Other prefer Canon since it has a different take on video (for example, on the d7000 in video mode you can change tha aperture while filming only if you are in aperture mode. In manual mode you can change the other video exposure settings but not aperture while with the 7d you can change aperture in manual video mode) but all this is likely uninteresting.

Bottom line is: either live with a EVF or live with slow video focus.

also suggest stiching software over panorama mode, HDR software over HDR mode, etc... let the camera do with it does best. Record the data. Then if you wish to manipulate the data do so in post processing so that the results are most pleasing to you.

If by panorama mode you only meant wide angle, get a good wide angle lens like the Nikon 10-24, tokina 11-16, etc

See my plan (in my profile) for what I shoot with. See my gallery for images I find amusing.

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