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Re: Highlight Headroom of D5100

Graystar wrote:

apaflo wrote:

Graystar wrote:

The spot on the D5100 is the same size as any other Nikon...

The DX models have a spot that covers 2.5% of the frame, but the FX models have a spot that covers 1.5% of the frame.

Yes, FX says 1.5%, the D5100 says 2.5%, and the D90 says 2%. And did you consider the fact that they all have different frame coverage percentages? No, you didn't.

FX is 100%, D5100 is 95% and D90 is 96% frame coverage. Since the frame coverage is different, it's difficult to go by the percentage of the frame. It's more accurate to use the physical dimension of the spot circle, as provided in the specs by Nikon. DX cameras have 3.5mm spot circle for a 23.6mm wide frame, and FX has a 4mm spot circle for a 36mm wide frame. There's less than a 4% difference between FX and DX when comparing the percentage of the width of the frame that is covered by the diameter of the spot.

In my spot-meter-circle image, that difference equates to a negligible 10 pixels. For all practical purposes they can be considered the same.


If you convert it back to 100%, FX is 1.5%, D5100 is 2.6%, and D90 is 2.1%.

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