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Randy -- that's a personal preference, like a lot of the tips. I like rich color, saturated color. Found that, for me, Underwater white balance and Vivid color mode deliver the kind of pictures I like most of the time. I put it in the Tips as a place to start for people who were confused by all the options. Underwater/Vivid also works really well at twilight and in low light. Remember, if you shoot RAW, you can always color-correct and EV correct to whatever looks right, before saving to a JPG. Good to do, because making large corrections to a JPG often doesn't work that well... only 256 brightness levels.

The XZ-1, happily, can be set up to produce pix that satisfy most any taste. Like High Key or Low Key on the Menu button > Camera menu > Picture mode > Vivid > Gradation menu. The combinations of all these possibilites are infinite. The XZ-1 is a photographer's dream...
Jonathon Donahue -- Olympus XZ-1 tips at http://jon404.com/xz1tips.htm

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