Is anyone still considering X Pro1 soon?

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Re: Is anyone still considering X Pro1 soon?

I´ve been meaning to get an X Pro for ages - basically waiting to get the money together to get the body and the lenses in one go - and the new announcement won´t change my mind.

I want an OVF. I´ve used a lot of rangefinders in the past and the idea of a camera that allows rangefinder style viewing with framelines with SLR style through the lens viewing and a decent screen for a third option, is something that appeals a lot to me. I´ve used enough different types of cameras to know that each different viewing system has its place, so the X Pros three-in-one design is going to be useful.

The X Pros framelines aren´t 100% accurate field of view but in rangefinder style cameras they never are - they´re not designed to be. Even in expensive cameras like the Hasselblad XPan or a Leica, they are designed to give cropping room round the sides to cope with framing errors caused by parallax and other variables. On my Xpan coverage is only something like 85%. Its just a question of learning to use it. After a while you barely even notice the problem. Nature of the beast.

As for bloated, expensive and sluggish - well sluggish I can´t comment on, bloated - compared to what? A camera phone maybe, but the minute you start getting a camera with lots of external controls you actually do need a body big enough for your hands to cope with. Playing with one in the camera shop the other day, I was surprised how small it was considering the amount of whinging going on in camera forums. Not everyone is obsessed with pocket cameras. Is it as big as a Nikon D4? No. Is it going to hurt carrying it all day in my Lowepro mini trekker? No.

Expensive? It is compared to some cameras, cheap compared to others. The OVF has to had some complexity and therefore cost to the design and its going to be low volume product compared to some, making it more expensive. It´s about the same cost as the Xpan it´s replacing was and it´s actually less than the Xpan is going for on the second hand market. So Im happy.

AF might be a problem for some folk, me I never need fast AF so I genuinely don´t care as long as its accurate, but the other complaints seem to be based on unrealistic expectations or if that´s too harsh, based on subjective viewpoints that not everyone shares.

Now, if only my Xpan kit finds a buyer soon and I can actually buy the ing thing in time for the 14mm lens to come out

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