NEX any good for product photography?

Started Aug 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
glacierpete Senior Member • Posts: 1,917
Re: NEX any good for product photography?

For product shots I would rather pair it with a manual Nikon AIS 28/2.8 with tilt adapter. This combo gives excellent results. Other good 28mm SLR lenses (you need SLR lenses for use with a tilt adapter) are the Leica R 28mm V2 or Zeiss 28mm Distagon.
28mm (looks like 42mm on a Nex) works very well with tilt.

tachyhon wrote:

Thanks for all of the input guys, I appreciate it.

Looks like I am leaning towards the NEX-F3. Would love to pair this with the Zeiss 24mm lens. But it isnt in the budget. Thanks again.

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