Taking the 5D3 plunge

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Re: Taking the 5D3 plunge

jcgraphics77 wrote:

I just ordered the 5D3 with the 24-105 kit from B&H for $4,099. I've been shooting with a 40D and 17-55 for about 5 years now and it has served me well and really helped me progress in my career. I'm really excited about the new doors the 5D3 will open up in terms of high ISO and AF. I just hope the 24-105 is comparable to the 17-55. If not, I may have to bite the bullet and get the 24-70 II.

I haven't posted a lot on here but I have read a ton trying to determine if the 5D3 is a good choice for me. I thank all of you for your passion and debates which greatly helped me make up my mind.

I will report back in a couple weeks to let you know how I like my new rig.

Happy shooting!


you won't it ask crisp to the edge as with the 17-55 so in that sense the 24-105 won't compare, that said 22MP vs 10MP would still give you a lot more overall detail captured over much of the frame even if the 24-105 is just a trace softer even in the center, so overall the pics with it for landscapes might be better in the grand scheme of things but at 100% view it likely won't appear to take as much advantage of waht the 5D3 sensor can do as the 17-55 does of what the 40D sensor can do

AF will be wayyyyyy better oh soo soo much better

much better user interface too

and video

and yeah better high ISO for sure, especially when not distance limited at least

the one pseudo negative is that the 40D has some of the least low ISO shadow banding of the canon cameras so you can really push the images as far as the random read noise allows, while the 5D3 has a lot of vertical banding so you can't push them to the random noise limit, whether the usable DR of the 5D3 is actually worse than the 40D I don't know, but it's probably not any better even though it should be

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