5D MKIII do 5D MK IV - who will?

Started Aug 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
bronxbombers Forum Pro • Posts: 18,226
depends what it delivers. 6-8fps? more MP? much better low ISO DR? less crippled vide

Light Pilgrim wrote:

You know what's funny? Many folks wanted to find a reason to convince themselves why they need a MKIII and so we have seen a lot of comments stating - this is the camera I was waiting for all my life, it is everything I need, it is a perfect camera:-)

I might be wrong, but I can't resist to predict that same folks will find reasons why MKIII can not longer photograph as soon as MK IV is released and why they really need to upgrade:-)


hopefully it will have much better low ISO DR

not quite so squishy video (i'm still counting on a new 5D3 firmware to fix up a few critical things they cut out of the 5D3 video though)

maintain at least the same 6fps, if not hit 7-8fps and get some more MP for better reach for widlife

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