Just purchased Canon 7d

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Re: Just purchased Canon 7d

basement artie wrote:

Thank you for the replies...I will certainly do the upgrades once I figure out where my particular camera is relative to upgrades. I am sure I will be posting further for additional advice.


To echo some comments prior- Welcome to the Forum, and congrats on your purchase of a 7D.

I've owned mine for 2+ years. My suggestion- Before it arrives, have in hand a Magic Lantern or Busch guide to the camera and read them while you stave off the urge to debox it and run onto the outdoors snapping away There are a lot of choices to make with the 7D.

In any forum (FM included) there will be those who have had bad experiences. Motor Vehicle service departments are full of people with new cars which do not operate as advertised. Cameras are no different. Having said that, become as familiar with your new tool (and that is the way to look at it regardless of your pro or consumer status). Understand what it will do and won't. Do not be afraid of what the 7D will do, and treat it like a new love Figure out what she likes, and how you can coax her to do what you like.

There are tons of places to look for opinions on the 7D. dpreview is one of those places.

Take is slow, and spend s good deal of time getting to know how her AutoFocus works, and as you are doing so, imagine how you can use in the future the trick(s) you learn along the way to establishing a comfort level. It is easy to get frustrated, but from my experience: I thought it was the camera when i looked at my images in the computer and the camera had chosen a different part of what i saw in the viewfinder to focus upon than I had intended. I was angry, because had the camera done wht i thought i had told it to do, it would have been a great image. Then I realized I received I received exactly what I had asked the camera to do. It was not the camera, but me. I hadn't quite learned to tell the camera in a way she understood to give me what i wanted.

Spend some time getting to know her. She will reward you. I know she rewarded me, eventually. Seemed like a long process, but as I found out, I am a hard-headed bloke.

Best of luck, and again, Welcome.



In this shot the 7D focused on the high contrast mic stand (and I was in Zone Mode unfortunately). I had focused on the neck of the guitar.

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