Do I have to sell my Canon 60D for a nex 7?

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did not make clip-on LCD accessory clear

Example Digifinder Pro:

The idea of a clip-on LCD magnifier is that you have a dark plastic box with a magnifying glass at one end of the box, with the other end of the box placed (i.e. clipped or resting or taped or glued or strapped) against your camera LCD. When you rest your eye on the eyepiece of the magnifier, you are looking across the box to a quite highly magnified LCD screen. This experience is fairly close to what you get from an "electronic viewfinder", but you have the added convenience of the magnifier swiveling along with the LCD swivel.

You also have the inconvenience and added size of the plastic magnifier box. In the case of the Digifinder Pro, a nice thing is that the box collapses to a great extent for transport. You can carry the thing around collapsed, and pull the box out like a telescope when you want to use it.

I have found the magnified LCD image so delightfully huge and clear that I have semi-permanently fixed the magnifier to the back of the camera with black photographic tape. Why would I ever want to look at the LCD? Obviously this scheme loses access to an LCD touchscreen if you have such a touchscreen on your camera and enjoy using it.

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